All about Me

Hi, I’m Clare, the proud owner of The Creative Brick Company, and this is the story of how I ventured into the awesome world of LEGO® bricks…

After leaving university, I embarked on a career as a contractor in various large blue-chip companies. While I enjoyed working with people, it wasn’t until the arrival of my third child that I decided to make a significant change in my life. I chose to trade in suits for bricks, swapping the corporate hustle for a life filled with LEGO®! It meant more family time, more fun, and a whole lot more of doing what I loved.

Now, instead of being surrounded by office walls, I find myself immersed in vibrant LEGO® creations and the infectious laughter of those building with it. Whether you’re 3 or 103, it’s impossible not to love LEGO®. With its colourful bricks and endless possibilities for creative play and learning, it’s an incredible product to work with and I LOVE what I do and hope to share that LOVE of LEGO® with you too.

Keep on building! 😊