Corporate Workshops with LEGO® Bricks

The Creative Brick Company offers a bespoke service enabling us to tailor our offerings to your specific needs.

Be it team building, creative challenges or just getting away from the screen to have some time out to recharge the batteries and have a giggle whilst doing it, we’ve got you covered.

It’s well known that imaginative play can spark creativity and stimulate endorphins and what’s more fun than playing with LEGO® bricks? We can transport 1000’s of bricks to you, turning your office into a hive of innovation to inspire creativity, improve team working and communications, aid in problem solving and generally increase well-being amongst your workforce.

Contact us for more information and to discuss how we can help energise the team by providing a workshop with a difference!

Team Building

Want to get your team spirit back?

Looking for something different, yet fun to break up the day and bring the team together?

Many teams have been separated since Covid, due to home working, but are now returning to the office.  Why not treat them to an interactive team building session with LEGO® games and build challenges to enhance collaboration and communication skills. The session is sure to entertain everyone and give them a creative boost whilst improving team morale.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, we have a workshop and budget to suit your needs!

Creative Time Out For Well-Being

The well-being and happiness of staff is directly linked to productivity and job satisfaction.

It’s important to find time in our busy schedules to do the things that make us feel good. Allowing time for play is proven to relieve stress and anxiety, so a creative session with LEGO® bricks is the perfect solution.  Our fun workshops allow everyone some escapism from the demands of work we all face, whilst at the same time aiding collaboration and communication. It’s the perfect way to re-energise your staff through an engaging, challenging and entertaining workshop. Give your staff a fun mental health boost!

Family Activity Days or Corporate Social Events

Hosting a “Bring your children to work day” or an adult event, where the children might like an alternate activity to keep them entertained?


What child doesn’t love building with LEGO®?  We can bring 1000’s of LEGO® bricks to your venue to entertain the children with some creative, brick building fun challenges and games.

We can tailor the times and events we run to suit your schedule. Contact us for further information.

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