LEGO® Letter Art

Ever wanted to create your own LEGO art? Now’s your chance.

Step 1. Plan Your Design

Decide what word, initial or shape you want to create with LEGO® bricks. Keep in mind the size and complexity of your design based on the number of bricks you have available.

Step 2. Choose Your Bricks

Select the LEGO® bricks you’ll need for your design. Consider the colours and sizes you want to use. It’s helpful to have a variety of bricks to add texture and detail to your creation.

Step 3. Select Your Base

I used a ready-made base as this was much simpler. You can purchase small wooden letters or shapes from most craft shops or online. These can serve as a sturdy foundation for your LEGO® art.

Step 4. Build Your Design

Place your base on a flat surface and start to glue the LEGO® bricks on top to create your desired pattern or image. Use a glue that is compatible with plastic and wood if you are using a wooden base.  Always have some tissues handy to wipe up any glue spills.

Step 5. Add Details

Once you have the base layer of bricks that have covered your letter then feel free to add more details to make it stand out. You can use smaller bricks or different colours to create patterns or decorations.

Step 6. Display Your Art

Finally, display your LEGO® art in a place where it can be enjoyed. You can frame it, mount it on a wall or simply place it on a shelf for everyone to see.

Remember, the key to LEGO® art is creativity, so feel free to experiment with different shapes, colours and arrangements to make your creation unique!